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  • Cybercriminals gutted BTC.com mine pool



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    Attackers stole about $ 3 million in cryptocurrency, which belong to both customers and the company.


    One of the world's largest bicoin mining pools, BTC.com, has been the victim of cyber attack. According to a company press release, hackers stole crypto assets worth about $ 3,000,000, of which $ 700,000 belong to customers, and $ 2,300,000 – companies.

    Having discovered what happened on December 3, 2022, BTC.com immediately reported the incident to Chinese law enforcement agencies. According to experts, this is what helped to tear out part of the stolen funds from the clutches of hackers.

    In addition, the pool took measures to prevent similar cyber attacks in the future, optimizing <TAG1's internal security technologies for more efficient blocking and interception of hackers «. BTC.com is currently operating normally, and customer funds are safe.
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