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Trusted and safe bitcoin mixing solutions

After around half year of development our team is proud to show finalized project. Official project domain
is Shaker.finance Mixer has two options: standard mix with 1-1.5 % fee and clean mix with 3-4 % fee,
you can choose either one
. Minimum mixing amount is 0.005 BTC, maximum - 20 BTC per transaction

Standard mix
This mixing mode is made for crypto holders who are looking for fast, reliable and inexpensive mixing. 

In this case you will receive money of people who used mixer before you. Choose that mode if you 

want to save on transaction fees but still remain anonymous and safe

Clean mix

This mode allows crypto holders receiving completely clean and anonymous Bitcoins that come from
cryptocurrency exchanges and/or miners. Choose this mode if you want to receive completely clean 

coins with lowest available AML score percentage

Why Shaker.finance ?
  • Two mixing modes: standard and clean, choose either you prefer
  • User-friendly interface: website UX and UI are thoroughly elaborated
  • Step by step mixing process: user can see at which mixing phase he is in
  • Open statistics: in the mix monitor section you can see chart & latest mixes volumes
  • Small min amount: only 0.005+ BTC is required to start mixing!
  • Unlimited max amount: Send any amount and mixing will go smoothly even if it's 10 BTC!
  • Each address is active for 7 days: users can send coins for mix to each address for 7 days
  • Possibility to recover session using only link that is unique for each session
  • Forums topics: we are open for real feedback from real users and have topics on forums
  • We don't store logs! logs are deleted after mixing process has finished
How to use Shaker.finance mixer ?

1. On the main page choose one of two mixing modes: standard mix or clean mix
2. Input from 1 to 2 addresses that will finally receive cleansed bitcoins
3. Send from 0.005 BTC to the service mixing address you've received
4. Wait for 1 confirmation for the mixing process to start. Mix will take up to few hours
5. Get cleansed bitcoins to the specified address/addresses, you will be notified in the 
website interface as well

In case you have questions related to mixing pm or write to jabber [email protected] (preferred jabber, not always on forum)
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