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    This guide will include every bit of information that you will need while browsing
    darknet sites and participating in darknet activity. To which extent you use the
    tips pointed out below is entirely up to you. It also depends on whether or not
    being identified as a certain darknet personality could mean a life sentence or
    death. Please read carefully through those articles (all articles can be visited
    without JavaScript and are clearnet links!):

    Did they scare you? No? Well then you are stupid, crazy or simply that smart
    that there is nothing you could possibly learn from this guide. If you still want
    to continue, feel free to share your opinions and thanks afterwards. Following,
    you will find a list of what this guide will cover:

    A. OpSec
    1. Behaviour online & offline
    2. Usernames & Password 2.1. Personality Cross-interfering
    3. Trust

    B. TechSec
    1. The right OS
    2. Encryption
    3. TOR Setup
    4. PGP

    C. HOW TO VANISH 1. How to vanish online 2. How to vanish offline
    Now that everything I needed to say is out of the way, let’s start this adventure!

    OpSec (Operational Security) is the term used to describe any action you take
    (or don’t take) in order to keep your real identity a secret online.

    1. Behaviour online
    Behaviour online is probably the most important aspect to take care of if you are
    serious about staying in the shadows. Your behaviour must be excellent, never
    forget that the Internet never forgets… and never forgives! And by excellent I
    don’t mean your manners (still, don’t be an asshole!) but more what you say and
    post online. With other words - if you’re thinking about saying something that
    could identify you - DON’T. Unfortunately, LEA is so sophisticated nowadays
    that your name or IP or address isn’t the only thing that might be dangerous
    to tell online. Here’s a list of potentially dangerous information you should

    Name(First Name and Past Name!),past surnames,nicknames from other
    services or clearnet,surnames,…
    Address (not partially, not at all!)
    Your social status (many friends,lives alone,has a wife/husband,has 1/2/3/9
    kids etc.)
    Weather (it’s always sunny in OnionLand!)
    Current Time
    Any clearnet activities not done with the TOR Browser
    And many more!
    Everytime you are about to post something, read carefully through what you
    are about to share. Always think of messages and posts as if it is your ticket to
    Hell. And indeed, it is.
    Do not piss of people, talk only when absolutely necessary and don’t get provoqued by idiots. You’ll enjoy your warm coffee browsing through the DNet while
    they will be the ones feeling “love from behind” in a cell.
    Do not talk about your darknet activity! It is none of anyone’s business besides
    yourself. Trust nobody - not even offline when it comes to that.
    Do not use lame usernames & passwords! Make sure that they do not contain
    personally identifying information (your mom’s first name combined with the
    date you bought your kitten is NOT a good password) as well as that the
    password is filled with random Digits, at least 10 digits long.
    Just to make it absolutely clear:
    WisconsinMan49 darknetpass123
    ExodusRainbow s881bnxu5%%1=jsz&
    I know the examples above are a bit drastic but you get my point.

    Encryption is extremely important, not to say crucial to your security and
    anonymity. You want to be encryption crazy! Encrypt everything, your drives,
    your flashdrives, your OS, your SD-Cards, everything. Make sure to use
    STRONG password (look up Usernames & Passwords).
    Good encryption software: VeraCrypt: https://www.veracryp...code/VeraCrypt/
    The good thing about Tails? If you choose to keep a persistent volume (the
    ability to save files after shutting down Tails) Tails asks you for a password. Tails
    encryption is extremely strong, so no need to use VeraCrypt for that. However,
    for your external or seperated internal drives you want to use VeraCrypt. Try
    to use different passwords.
    Never leave your device out of reach and unencrypted! The least you want is
    someone finding out about your darknet activity offline.

    TOR needs to be secured to restrict dangerous or malicious attacks. For that,
    follow the steps:
    When you open a new browser window, click on the shield on the right upper
    corner. Set the security button to “Highest”.
    Type “about:config” into the address bar. Ignore the warning and click on the
    proceed button. Search for “java” and disable (toggle) “javascript.enabled”.
    This will block most of malicious files some sites can hold. Also, since you’re
    using Tails, a rather unknown OS, most virus are not made for your operating
    environment, but rather for Windows.

    1. Vanishing online
    Delete every account you ever had. Ask Site Admins to delete your accounts.
    If you cannot delete your account, at least delete every post you ever made.
    Delete Mails. Delete your PGP key-pair. If possible, spread misinformation
    about your persona (if you have reached a certain persona, otherwise, it would
    not be productive). Delete any software and files you kept. Format the drive 2
    times for security reasons.

    2. Vanishing offline
    DESTROY your hardware. Shatter it into thousand pieces and throw it away
    at different trashbins, lakes, rivers or anything else. Just make sure it is really
    destroyed. Decide if you need to leave the country. Get rid of everything that
    could be tied to you having anything to do with illegal activity. That also
    includes your pipes, needles and your unlicensed shotgun. Get rid of anything
    police could see as reason enough to arrest you. If you get arrested anyway, do
    not talk until you see your lawyer.
    Thank you for reading through the article. Now go and read it a second time.
    The information must be in your memories 4 EVA!
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