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--------------------\Online wells/----------------------------
Online Id: Catholic149
Password: 520jasmine
---------------------\Personal details/-----------------------
Full Name: Nancy List
Home Address: 5325 Horn Rd.
City: York
State: PA
Zip Code: 17406
Date of Birth : 01/12/1952
Routing Number: 051400549
Account Number: 1010205326196
Social Security Number: 198/42/5860
Driver's License: T632117624
Phone No: 7173603761
---------------------------\Card details/---------------------
Card Number: 4737030977679983
Expiration Date: 11/2022
Cvv2: 688
ATM Pin: 5200
-----------------------\Security Qwestion's/------------------
Security Question 1: What is the name of the high school you attended?
Answer 1: York Catholic
Security Question 2: What is your mother's middle name?
Answer 2: Wink
Security Question 3: What is your father's middle name?
Answer 3: Lewis
E-Mail Address: [email protected]
E-Mail Password: 520jasmine
---------------------------\User Details/---------------------
IP Address:


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